Surface grinding



This classical model, totally reconditioned in our workshops, gives a softness of use and the guarantee of reliability over time.

This machine, with three versions, provides quality surface finish
and excellent dimensional and shape precision.

P500 model A

• Automatic longitudinal movement with steplessly adjustable variable speed.

• Manual and automatic transverse movement.

• Safety between manual and automatic movements.

P500 model B as model A with the following additions :

• Vertical feed by hand, with rapid power positioning.

• Single automatic plunging device.

P500 model C as model B with the following additions :
• Table stop at the right or the left ends.

• Manual longitudinal shifting.

• Automatic transverse movement with step by step feed (following model).

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- Longitudinal travel: 520 mm
- Transversal travel: 250 mm
- Vertical travel: 300 mm


- Distance between table top and spindle axis: 404 mm
- Table working area: 500 x 220 mm

Wheel holding spindle:

- Wheel standard dimensions: Ø 250 x 25 x 76.2 mm
- Speed of weel:
- Motor power: 3 kW

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 1500 kg

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